Arguments Filed in Support of Prop 66

The No on Prop 62, Yes on Prop 66 campaign this week filed their legal arguments in defense of Proposition 66, the successful measure passed by the voters to reform and speed up the death penalty process in California.

Opponents of Prop 66 immediately filed a lawsuit to try to block Proposition 66, part of a decades long effort by death penalty opponents to throw up legal roadblocks to an effective death penalty in California. They then use the legal delays caused by their tactics to argue the system is broken and should be revealed. Voters saw through this cynical strategy when they passed Prop 66.

The No on Prop 62, Yes on Prop 66 campaign was granted intervenor status on behalf of initiative proponent, Kermit Alexander, whose family was brutally murdered by a gang member three decades ago. The murder was convicted and sentenced to death, and Mr. Alexander has been waiting ever since for justice. He sponsored Proposition 66 so that other victims’ families would not have to endure the suffering and delayed justice he has lived through.

The substantive arguments filed by the campaign can be found here:

    Preliminary Opposition

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