Rebuttal to the Argument Against Proposition 66

Proposition 66 was carefully written by California’s leading criminal prosecutors, the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation and other top legal experts — people who know from experience what’s needed to MEND, NOT END our state’s broken death penalty system.

The anti-death penalty extremists opposing Proposition 66 know it fixes the system, and will say anything to defeat it. Don’t be fooled.

Proposition 66 reforms the death penalty so the system is fair to both defendants and the families of victims. Defendants now wait five years just to be assigned a lawyer, delaying justice, hurting their appeals, and preventing closure for the victims’ families. Proposition 66 fixes this by streamlining the process to ensure justice for all.

Under the current system, California’s most brutal killers — serial killers, mass murderers, child killers, and murderers who rape and torture their victims — linger on death row until they die of old age,

with taxpayers paying for their meals, healthcare, privileges and endless legal appeals.

By reforming the system, Proposition 66 will save taxpayers over $30 million a year, according to former California Finance Director Mike Genest. Instead of dragging on for decades and costing millions, death row killers will have five to ten years to have their appeals heard, ample time to ensure justice is evenly applied while guaranteeing that no innocent person is wrongly executed.

Ensure justice by voting “YES” on Proposition 66 — to MEND, NOT END the death penalty.

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Anne Marie Schubert, District Attorney of Sacramento County
Sandy Friend, Mother of Murder Victim
Chuck Alexander, President, California Correctional Peace Officers Association