Rebuttal to the Argument in Favor of Proposition 62

California’s death penalty hasn’t failed; it was intentionally sabotaged.

Key supporters of Proposition 62 – like the ACLU – have spent decades undermining the death penalty; now they argue for repeal.

For the sake of victims, DON’T LET THEM WIN!

We all agree that the death penalty in California isn’t working. The solution is to MEND, NOT END, the death penalty. California’s frontline prosecutors and almost all our 58 elected District Attorneys have a plan to fix it.

starting with voting No on Proposition 62!

The system is expensive because BRUTAL KILLERS file endless, frivolous appeals, spending decades on death row. Prop. 62 backers want you to believe that granting these thugs lifetime healthcare, housing, meals, and privileges will save money? WHO ARE THEY FOOLING?

They say we don’t need a death penalty. Really?

There’s about 2,000 murders in California annually. Approximately 15 – the worst of the worst – receive a death sentence. Who are they?

  • Mass murderers/serial killers.
  • Murderers who raped/tortured
  • Child killers.
  • Terrorists.

Ask the proponents of Proposition 62: if a murderer sentenced to “Life Without Parole” escapes and murders again, or kills a prison guard, what sentence will they give him? Another life without parole?

The proponent of Prop 62 – an actor – wants you to believe the movie script. But let’s be clear, there are no innocents on California’s death row. They cite one case from Texas from 1989, still under dispute. California has never executed an innocent, and never will.

Join victims’ families and law enforcement and VOTE NO ON PROP 62!

Michele Hanisee, President, Association of Deputy District Attorneys of Los Angeles County
Brenda Van Dam, Mother of Murder Victim
Brian Marvel, President, San Diego Police Officers Association