Ballot Arguments

Primary Argument in Support of Proposition 66

California’s elected law enforcement leaders, police officers, frontline prosecutors, and the families of murder victims ask you to REFORM the California death penalty system by voting YES ON PROPOSITION 66! We agree California’s current death penalty system is broken. The most heinous criminals sit on death row for 30 years, with endless appeals delaying justice and costing taxpayers hundreds of millions. It does not need to be this way. Read More »

Rebuttal to the Argument Against Proposition 66

Proposition 66 was carefully written by California’s leading criminal prosecutors, the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation and other top legal experts — people who know from experience what’s needed to MEND, NOT END our state’s broken death penalty system. The anti-death penalty extremists opposing Proposition 66 know it fixes the system, and will say anything to defeat it. Don’t be fooled. Read More »

Primary Argument Against Proposition 62

Let’s be clear what Proposition 62 does. Proposition 62 says the worst of the worst murderers get to stay alive, at the taxpayers’ expense, decades after committing their horrible crimes, and mocking the pain of their victims’ families. The death penalty is reserved for only the worst murderers like child killers, rape/torture murderers, serial murderers, and cop killers. Just 1 – 2% of about 2,000 murders in California annually end up with a death sentence. Read More »

Rebuttal to the Argument in Favor of Proposition 62

California’s death penalty hasn’t failed; it was intentionally sabotaged. Key supporters of Proposition 62 – like the ACLU – have spent decades undermining the death penalty; now they argue for repeal. For the sake of victims, DON’T LET THEM WIN! We all agree that the death penalty in California isn’t working. The solution is to MEND, NOT END, the death penalty. California’s frontline prosecutors and almost all our 58 elected District Attorneys have a plan to fix it. Read More »