Arguments Filed in Support of Prop 66

The No on Prop 62, Yes on Prop 66 campaign this week filed their legal arguments in defense of Proposition 66, the successful measure passed by the voters to reform and speed up the death penalty process in California. Opponents of Prop 66 immediately filed a lawsuit to try to block Proposition 66, part of […] Read More »

Death Penalty Retained, Reform Measure Leading

CALIFORNIANS ONCE AGAIN VOTE TO KEEP THE DEATH PENALTY INTACT AND ENSURE JUSTICE Campaign is Optimistic Outstanding Tally Will Show Voters Chose to Reform the Death Penalty SACRAMENTO, CA – Yesterday, California voters shot down Prop. 62, which would have abolished the death penalty. With the latest vote count proving very close, the Yes on 66 […] Read More »

Wyman Op-Ed

I’ve read about Ron Briggs, son of my former colleague John Briggs, coming out and publicly supporting Prop. 62 to move all those criminals on death row to life without parole. The argument he makes is that the death penalty isn’t working like it’s supposed to, so we might as well save the state some […] Read More »

California prison guards have good reasons to fear death penalty repeal

As correctional peace officers working inside California prisons, we take Proposition 62 very personally, because it directly impacts our safety and the safety of the inmates we oversee. Proposition 62 would repeal California’s death penalty law, putting inmates and correctional officers at serious risk. The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board supports it (“End the illusion: Abolish […] Read More »

Why I’m voting to keep the death penalty alive in California

After 30 years as a journalist in California, I’ve come to believe that my industry can unintentionally distort the public’s understanding of the death penalty. I’m not referring to political distortions rife in the state’s initiative process as voters consider two death penalty measures on the Nov. 8 ballot. (A yes on Proposition 62 would […] Read More »

Family of slain Palm Springs police officer speaks in favor of ballot measure to speed up death penalty system

In a statement this week, David Kling, Zerebny’s father, and Matt Zerebny, her father-in-law, urged a “yes” vote on Proposition 66, which would change and limit how death row inmates can appeal their cases.  “While we will never have closure over the senseless death of our beautiful Lesley, their killer needs to be brought to justice,” they […] Read More »