Should California end the death penalty or speed it up?

If you’ve moved to California recently, you might not realize its one of 30 states with the death penalty—because, these days, no one’s being executed. This November, voters will decide if they want to speed up the death penalty appeals process…or get rid of the death penalty altogether.  More than a decade ago, a judge ordered […] Read More »

A matter of life and death in California

 “I am living a parent’s worst nightmare,” says a tearful Sandra Friends in a campaign video for Proposition 66, one of two initiatives related to the death penalty that will appear on California’s ballot on November 8th. Ms Friends’ son Michael Lyons was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and murdered two decades ago in Yuba City, California […] Read More »

Dueling death penalty propositions draw controversy on eve of election

Kate Riggins believes the world would be a better place without Richard Hirschfield. In 1980, Hirschfield abducted and murdered a young couple – raping the woman – before dumping their bodies in a ravine 30 miles east of Davis. The man, John Riggins, was Kate Riggins’s son, a UC Davis pre-med student who was taking his girlfriend Sabrina Gonsalves to her sister’s birthday party when somehow they […] Read More »

Family of Murdered Officer Lesley Zerebny Supports Maintaining The Death Penalty

Father and Father-in- Law of Palm Springs Police Officer Lesley Zerebny Support Proposition 66 to Mend, Not End, California’s Death Penalty PALM SPRINGS, CA – Today, the father and father-in- law of murdered Palm Springs police officer Lesley Zerebny called for Californian’s to support Proposition 66 and maintain the state death penalty for the worst of the worst […] Read More »

Daily Journal proposition endorsements

Proposition 66: YES. Speeds up the appeals process so death row inmates are executed more quickly. While nearly everyone can agree that the state’s death penalty system is no longer working, this ballot initiative would mend it by speeding up the process through a variety of measures. The death penalty is a terrible punishment for […] Read More »

I am 25 and still afraid of the dark’: Victims’ families wrestle with grief as they weigh the death penalty on the ballot

On a cool afternoon in October, Sandra Friend sits near a patch of green clover outside her small country home near Yuba City, thinking of her late son as the wind rustles through the trees. Friend, 43, says she wants “California voters to know what kind of offenders are on death row,” men like Robert Boyd Rhoades, who sodomized, […] Read More »

California’s death-penalty flaws can be fixed

Abolishing the death penalty and reducing sentences for depraved criminals to life in prison without the possibility of parole is a bad idea that needs to be defeated this November. Proposition 62 is backed by Hollywood elites and billionaires who have no stake in the game and are working to thwart justice. They have never […] Read More »