Evelyn Mattia

Evelyn Mattia, sister of murder victim Heather Mattia, spoke with the campaign about her support for Prop. 66 and her sister’s life.

Heather was murdered in March 2006In March 2006, Jean Pierre Rices brutally executed Heather Mattia and Firas Eiso in the store where they both worked, and Heather’s brother owned. After robbing the store, Rices and his partner in crime, Anthony James Miller, were about to leave when Rices deliberating shot and killed both Heather and Firas. Heather was left to choke to death on her own blood for nearly 15 minutes before she died.

Rices was convicted and sentenced to death in August 2009 by a San Diego County jury. 

What has it been like for your family since you lost your sister?Gravesite of Heather Mattia

Life without Heather is so depressing. We miss her so much that there is not a day that we are not thinking of her. Where ever we go, there is someone out there that will say to me or my family “we miss Heather so much!” Every week for almost 11 years, my mother goes to the cemetery every Wednesday to see her.

What would you like people to know about your sister?

Heather was an amazing person with a heart of gold! She always wanted to see a smile on your face! Her life was taken away for no reason.

What do you think is important that voters should know about the death penalty?

People need to pay for what they do to other people. Whoever is involved should also pay for the crime. Eye for an eye is what I believe in.